About Us

Our Sydney-based app development brings small businesses, online and offline, the power to compete in the modern marketplace.

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Our team holds our values with high esteem and we make sure we commit to them. 

1. Integrity We will do what we say we’ll do. At Commercelab, we want to always do the right thing by our staff and clients. We don’t want a quick fix. Instead, we want to build long-term relationships with everyone we work with by always delivering what we said we would.
2. Clarity We are big on communication. In the mobile app industry, the bottleneck tends to happen when the developers and the clients aren’t on the same page. This is why excellent communication is one of our values. We exert our energy into hearing you out and helping you figure out how to get to the final product. We also ensure that our staff are heard.
3. Quality We have high standards for our staff and the products that we deliver. We strive to provide products and services that are of the highest calibre. We aim towards perfecting our craft and your digital product.
4. Value We want to ensure that our customers are fully satisfied with the value added to their business for their time and money invested into their projects.

What we promise you as we develop your app

1. Open Communication We identify the issues and needs of your business. We then translate and articulate those needs into specific requirements. We come to a place these requirements are agreed and understood by both parties. We ensure that our communication with our client is accessible and seamless. 
2. Iterative Development We then get to work. We use an iterative approach to ensure that what we didn’t get right will be perfected. No app developer can get it right the first time. There are always major and minor adjustments made while the project is underway.
3. Transparent Accountability We track everything that we do. We ensure that you only pay for the work that we do. This helps us to keep track of our time and your budget. We aim to give you piece of mind through our business transparency.
CommerceLab is a mobile app development team that has been operational since 2011. We are fully based in Sydney, Australia and have successfully completed many projects for users in Australia and New Zealand. We don’t outsource off-shore staff.


 Based in Sydney, we bring app development solutions for eCommerce to businesses across Australia.